The TG31648 NET is currently CLOSED.

Please join us every Tuesday evening. Web Check-Ins will start one and a half hours prior to TG3148 Net starting and remain open throughout the Net.
Net officially starts at 7:30PM Central, 00:30 UTC.


The TG 3148 net will be moving to the new TG 31648 beginning with the May 1 2018 net. The time and day will remain the same as 7:30PM CDT on Tuesdays. The web page will remain at the same address for check-ins. There are several reasons the net is moving the new TG. The net has been more than a Texas net for a long time. There has always been confusion especially with new users about TG 3148 Texas Statewide net on DMR-Marc 3148 each week. This will completely separate this weekly net from the Texas Statewide group and hopefully avoid some confusion. We hope that everyone will add this Talkgroup 31648 to their radio and join us there each week beginning on May 1st. Anyone who has setup timed static on their BM repeater should also change it to the new TG at that time.

Updated: 2018-04-17 10:57:54 Central Daylight Time

Topic: Using BrandMeister API Keys on Hotspots
Document available at this link:
Updated: 2018-05-22 16:15:24 Central Daylight Time

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