The TG3148 NET is currently CLOSED.

Please join us every Tuesday evening. Web Check-Ins will start one and a half hours prior to TG3148 Net starting and remain open throughout the Net.
Net officially starts at 7:30PM Central, 00:30 UTC.


We had a new TG created on BM for the Facebook group TG3148. The new TG is 31648 and we will be changing the name of the FB group to reflect this. We encourage everyone to use this TG for Testing equipment, requesting help, or for just genreal chat. This is a standalone TG and not tied to any State or Statewide group. We are leaving the net on TG 3148 for now but may move it to the new TG at some point in the future.

Updated: 2018-03-13 18:09:34 Central Daylight Time

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